The reality of racism, xenophobia, and misogyny has been with us since before the time of recorded history. It lies hidden, dormant at times but it is always an undercurrent, a tide ebbing and flowing. It comes forth with a vengeance in times of distress and unrest when people are hurting. If we can take one thing away from this election it is that people are hurting. Our institutions have failed us !

Racism. The battle for racial equality continues, it will never go away and it has never been easy. Like it or not, Racism is endemic to our society. We have to fight it with everything we have and never ever give up!

Xenophobia. We are a nation of immigrants, and paradoxically we have always resented and persecuted the most recent newcomers. Today is no different, once again we must fight in with our hearts and souls to be sure that everyone regardless of race, creed, gender, age, color, or political persuasion has equal opportunity.

Misogyny, I believe that Misogyny is the defining factor in this election. Young women have to bravely face the fact that they are going to have to fight misogyny if they are to truly break the glass ceiling. We we’ll help them but they have to do it. Men are not going to give it to them without a fight.  

Remember, Women only got the vote 100 years ago. We have progressed!

Clinton was a hopeless, admirable, retread, flawed, way too much baggage, too many entanglements. After 40 years in public service she had too many enemies and was too vulnerable to attack . I greatly admire and respect the service she has given our country, she is a truly great American. She, however, was not my preferred candidate except in relation to Trump. 

The future is with the young. The results from the 18-25 Vote was overwhelmingly democratic across the country! This is truly impressive and profoundly encouraging!

As for me today:

I am not going to start hating, lying, bullying, berating, discounting, or judging my fellow human beings.

I am going to redouble my efforts to treat my fellow human beings with respect, tolerance and dignity.

          “Love Trumps Hate” !!!……..always

” Stand Up To The Madness !!”